Monday, October 31, 2011

I Can Flirt

Am 55 years old, white, currently separated with a 15 year old son. While in the Air Force, at Clark Air Base, most of the service men made regular trips to strip clubs just off the base in Angeles City. I went there once. Had this "So what's the big deal?" thought when I first saw a lady perform. Never was sexually excited. The most vivid 'memories' I had was the camaraderie with my buddies- drinking local beer, and blowing off steam. The other vivid memory I had was this: most phillippinas have reletively small breasts. The ones at this strip club had large breasts (at least for this culture) and she seemed to receive more tips than the others.

Never have been to an American strip club. Might possibly one day. Although my favorite restaurant is Hooters. Why? Nothing beats a pretty lady in a tight tank top bringing me a beer and something to eat. Most of the ladies there will chat pleasantly enough and appreciate a good tip. Am guessing the dynamic at Hooters is not too distant than one at a strip club. I can flirt, laugh, say outrageous things and watch pretty ladies move about dressed in stunning outfits. My motive? lonely, want to see a pretty smile, and want to make a pretty lady laugh. That's about it.