Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Are All on a Journey of Self Discovery

Went once to a strip club and to be honest found it pretty boring but met realer people there than met in most other bars and clubs have been in.  Found it weird that woman were there but that's just me.  Was not impressed but why what was on show in person, can read people a bit and made it difficult for me in some ways, but stayed there anyway.  Probably should have left quicker and wouldn't go back but be happy to chat to woman that work there.  Had a good breakfast after though, the one saving grace i think.  Good english fry up, sausages and bacon.  Not sure what people are looking for there maybe genuine companionship a bit of relief from fakeness, guess its better than the picture can wake you up to the reality of some images. For me guess appreciate good looks but also a genuine person, as much as anyone can be, we all are on a journey of self discovery, and guess the older you get the more you work out what you believe to be true. If people want to go there though that's there choice.