Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm a Reporter

I only go to strip clubs when I know the feature performer.

I'm a reporter and journalist in the adult industry. I spend my workday watching and writing about adult material: DVDs, sex toys, websites. When I go to a strip club, it's because I know the feature performer, or I'm writing a story about her appearance, or both,

My middle-aged grey-haired appearance usually gets the attention of the house dancers, and there will be one or two who offer me a lap dance. I always refuse, politely, saying that I'm a journalist and I'm here to see the feature performer. Reactions are mixed. Some politely thank me anyway and move on, some engage me in conversation (I had one offer me professional services that she could perform at her office during her day job) and others have offered to go backstage and tell the feature I'm here.

When the feature takes the stage, I usually sit away from ringside unless there are empty seats. I don't want to shut out a fan who might spend real money. I will toss a few dollar bills on the stage to blend in but I don't go overboard. When the feature heads off to pose for pictures and do autographs I wait until all the fans have had their turn before I walk up. I may wind up talking to her for a while and, again, I don't want to take time away from a fan.

I don't go to strip clubs for fun. I spend my entire day watching adult material, so I don't have a need to see more when my day is through.